3% Hair Pearl Lash Brow Tint Developer

3% Hair Pearl Lash Brow Tint Developer

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The Gentle 3% Hair Pearl cream developer is designed to be used with any lash & brow hair tints. The Hair Pearl Cream Developer is the top-recommended developer. This non-drip formula is less runny than other developers and has a great consistency for mixing. 3% is generally used for lashes and brows, 6% is used when grey coverage is needed. Shop HERE for 6%

f you want a natural way to moisturize your hair and keep it youthful and glowing, use jojoba oil!

With this in mind, we added jojoba plant-based extract for a kinder and more gentle colouring experience to our Cream Developer!

Additional facts:
This hydrogen peroxide-based, non-drip formula is also designed to be used with our whole range of hair pearl tints.

Shake well and replace after every 6 months to 1 year after opening. Mixing is a 1:1 ratio.

Equal part tint to the developer. 

For professional use only



Brand: Hair Pearl

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